Excess calories - muscle mass or fat tissue?

After researching whether high- or low-protein diets can lead to less weight gain when consuming excess calories, interesting conclusions are drawn. The researchers found that all participants in the study ended up having a similar weight, regardless of diet composition. The huge difference was how the body stored excess calories. The bodies of those who consumed normal or high protein foods stored 45% of the excess calories as muscle mass. At the same time, the bodies of those who were on a low protein diet stored 95% of the excess calories in the form of fat tissue.

Researchers concluded that one reason for weight-loss success with high-protein diets could be due to an increased metabolism. High-protein diets for weight-loss or to build muscle mass can certainly be effective, but the diet composition must be maintained for keeping the results. That is also one of the reasons why My Body Creator strongly recommends switching for at least one month weight maintenance program after completing the chosen 12 week program.